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A Better Place for ALL

I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all. (Maya Angelou)

Having worked around the clock for the first four months of this year to complete the very rough first draft of my manuscript, Creative Connections: The Joy of Keeping Pencils Moving & Keyboards Tapping!, I have taken a break from the lengthy revision and editing process to rack my ‘middle-aged mush brain’ to remember and research the names of all those who have contributed to its making. It has been a joyful and moving process.

Although I worry about the inevitability of leaving someone out and the alphabetical list of acknowledgments may end up being as long as the manuscript itself, it has been heartwarming to remember all the dear people who have contributed to my life and the educational subject of the book in such poignant and touching ways. As my magnum Marquis opus–a digital archive of the best of the last two decades of grassroots creativity and connection–it is essential that I acknowledge and thank as many heroes as I can.

In keeping with the spirit of the Maya Angela quotation above, these people have all been dedicated to making the world a better place for all. Each has contributed in ways that I will forever admire and appreciate and in so many other ways that I and others will never know.

As sentimental or rose-coloured as it may seem, I continue to look around me in the hustle-bustle of everyday life and I see heroes who live the most awe-inspiring lives. Although most will never become the subject of a book or movie, they are all heroes. Like Maya Angelou, they are energized by making the world a better place for ALL. Long may they live and long may they love,


Kalen Marquis is the therapist, educator and human bean who founded Kwil.Club with frizzy-fuzzy, green-nosed Kwil. He is a registered clinical counsellor in private practice in New Westminster, BC. He has more than two decades of experience as a teacher, teacher-librarian and school counsellor.

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