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Keeping Souls Aloft

‘The principal thing in this world is to keep one’s soul aloft.’ (Gustave Flaubert)

It has been a lovely, sun-baked summer with ample time to read and write, write, write but I must admit that too much extra time weighs heavily on me. As a counsellor and teacher, I am used to being much busier and helping to keep a few more ‘souls aloft’ than just my own. It is the grist for mill of my reflective life and an integral part of my need to both ‘pay it forward’ and ‘keep it real.’ As much as I love to write, integrating the deepest thoughts, feelings and experiences of my personal and professional past into present and future awareness, I know how much I rely on the present-moment interactions that are the heart and soul of my work. While I know better than to wish precious reflection time away, I do long for a return to the daily push and pull of too much to do with too little time. I am also buoyed by the prospect of future summers in part-time private practice when I can do just a little more of what I love with love. In the words of a dear mentor, “it’s our oxygen” and, in this regard, I’m always in search of the elusive balance. For me and all those called to help socialize, educate, nurture, and heal, there is nothing greater than helping others find ways to keep their souls aloft during a time of challenge or the doldrums that we all may encounter. It is a gift we give to them and to ourselves. Helpful, loving service is the most altruistic and joyfully ‘selfish’ things we can do. With love and laughs, Kayo xo


Kalen Marquis is the therapist, educator and human bean who founded Kwil.Club with frizzy-fuzzy, green-nosed Kwil. He is a registered clinical counsellor in private practice in New Westminster, BC. He has more than two decades of experience as a teacher, teacher-librarian and school counsellor.