Drops of Ink Make ‘Kwillions’ Think!

Don’t be shy! Create and connect with frizzy-fuzzy, green-nosed Kwil! This ‘mirthfully musing’ educational mascot is joyfully ‘versed’ in the domains of literacy, creativity and social-emotional learning. Kwil shares timely and timeless words of wisdom, wonder and wellness’ with a frizzy-fuzzy fanciful flourish with all the ‘Kwil Kids’ & ‘Kwilsters’ in Kwil.Club. Revel in Kwil’s lovely and alliterative letters in rhythm, rhyme & chime! You, too, can be a ‘Kwillionaire!’ Join Kwil.Club today!


Kwil loves to read, write and reflect upon his thoughts, feelings and experiences! He knows that learning to read and write should be just as natural, exciting, and empowering as learning to walk and talk! As a lover of literature, language, lyrics, legends and lore, Kwil creates the wonder and will to master the skills! In the words of Michelangelo, “It is only well with me when I have a chisel in my hand.” If you love stories, poems, songs, and quotations, Kwil.Club is for you!

Creativity & Connection

Kwil loves to create and connect with all the Kwil Kids and Kwilsters in Kwil.Club! As a soulful seeker himself, Kwil believes in the power of sharing and showing what we ‘know’ to make the world an even better place! As Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” After all, it’s what we ‘do’ with our learning that counts. That’s why Kwil says, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, I’d better get writing!” Only you can tell your story. Only you can pen or paint your pictures. Never forget that your perception is unique and wonderful!

Social-Emotional Learning

Kwil loves to listen, empathize and encourage with the hope that every Kwil.Club member feels ‘hugged by humour and heartstrings.’ Although once very shy about his big green-nose, Kwil is now a cheerleader for diversity, empathy, awareness, and deep understanding. As the master of social-emotional learning, Shakespeare said, “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.’ Kwil hopes that everyone in Kwil.Club will have the opportunity to come to ‘know,’ ‘see,’ and ‘be’ all that life may offer. Kwil offers his hand and his heart to all with the faith and fun it takes to live our deepest, dreamiest dreams.

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Snailmail Scribbles & Scribes

Is my child too young to ‘write’ to Kwil?

In a word, NO! Drawings sent by toddlers or the earliest literacy learners in which the child has drawn or ‘written’ their own  message are Kwil’s frizzy-fuzzy delight! While parents, grandparents, or older siblings may choose to provide a few labels, captions, speaking or thinking bubbles (or perhaps just some background information on the back) to help Kwil reply with greater understanding, please know that it’s NOT necessary. With visions of your child’s pudgy-fingered, crayon-clutching hands and their own communication process in mind, Kwil will still reply to ‘scribbles and scribes’ with his trademark energy and enthusiasm! That is all that is really needed to stoke the fire of literacy, creativity, connection, and social-emotional learning.

Please be assured that letters, notes and drawings in emergent or inventive ‘sound spelling’ based on what the child can ‘hear’ at their early level of language development are pure magic! There is no need to ‘edit,’ ‘correct’ or in any way make it ‘perfect’ in spelling, grammar and appearance at this early stage. This will all come in time.

Please celebrate what your child has created. Focus exclusively on the meaning and keep it merry and magical–just like you did when you celebrated each and every effort to walk or talk. Hand-crafted creations adorned with stickers and then folded into envelopes laden with little toddler trinkets and treasures are always a joy to behold! As everyone who reads Kwil’s life-story knows so well, these precious offerings and the time-limited opportunity to engage the youngest children in the magic of literacy, creativity and social-emotional learning are Kwil’s dream come true! Yahoo!

Is my child ‘too old’ to write to Kwil?

No, absolutely not! Learning to read, write and draw was just the beginning of a very exciting journey. It’s where the fun began. .  . but please don’t let it end! Letters, notes, stories and poems that have been carefully crafted and even more thoughtfully edited with standardized ‘book spelling’  will always be welcome.

Please just ensure as much as possible that this has been part of an enjoyable, instructive, and meaningful revision process with a caring model and mentor who affirms the magical meaning of the expression and inspires the child onward in their self-expression. It is this process that will encourage and entice your child to continue writing long after this one piece is ‘perfect’ or ‘published.’ Kwil pledges to read and cherish every offering! Don’t be shy to let him know if you give permission for your work to be shared and celebrated on his website, in his Kwil.Club member mail, or using social media (using author first names or initials only of course).

The most important thing to remember is that Kwil celebrates all offerings in the creative, connecting, and caring spirit in which they have been offered. For deeply held reasons, he will never critique, criticize or compare. His role and his heart’s desire is to simply and joyfully delights in the exchange of thoughts, feelings and experiences–creating the will to learn and practice literacy ‘skills’ which are only the means to a much merrier and more meaning-filled end.

While Kwil expresses his heartfelt gratitude in his early morning journal writing, he will use all available time and financial resources to offer as many direct rhyming-chiming responses as possible to those who honour him with their mystical, magical musings, mutterings, and meaning-filled missives. Kwil loves to write back in Kwilligraphy and makes many trips to the Kwilville post office each week! Despite his impressive record as a dedicated pen pal over the decades, he is still cautious in overstating his heartfelt pledge to ‘always write back’ and extends his apologies in advance should time or financial constraints delay or limit his labour of frizzy-fuzzy, green-nosed love. With honour and humility, he promises to do his very best.

It is with this reality in mind that Kwil invites you to carefully consider the section below as you hold the pencils, crayons, and keyboards that create and connect the future–one mind and heart at a time — with or without Kwil’s gimmicky, green-nosed, googly-eyed  rhythm, rhyme and chime, line after line after line!

What about me? (Or “us” as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, teachers, librarians and counsellors?)

As I’m sure you understand by now, Kwil.Club is always about love, empathy, encouragement and engagement.  Kwil.Club members are never too young or old  to write. As empirical research, common sense, intuition, and the history of civilization affirm, anyone who is willing and able to engage in developmentally appropriate and responsive, reflective dialogues is sure to reap many rewards. Attitude and ongoing engagement are everything in the socialization and education of youth as well as our ongoing enrichment, awareness, understanding, and integration as adults passing through all the ages and stages of life. We cannot offer or teach our youth what we, ourselves, do not yet know. We cannot hope to ‘answer’ the questions we’ve stopped asking. But we can engage in a rich, creative, connecting process with and for our children and grandchildren much as our parents and grandparents may have done for us if we were lucky–very, very lucky. Thankfully, it is never too late to start. By simply and joyfully keeping our pencils moving and keyboards tapping, we are on our way!

As detailed in Creative Connections: The JOY of Keeping Pencils Moving and Keyboards Tapping!” (a 400 page manuscript currently under revision), there are countless ways to tap into or replicate the Kwil.Club craze for your own enrichment as well as the ones you love. Ideally, you or someone you know, love, and trust can play this pivotal role in the intellectual and emotional life of another by modeling, mentoring, and applying the Kwil.Club philosophy. Whether in your home, class, library, church, community centre, or counselling office, ‘Mascot Mania,’ as Kalen Marquis often refers to it, has unlimited educational potential–especially if you employ the tenets of creativity and connection to make it truly your own.

Please Note: When it comes to important and ultimately overlapping transition from drawing to print in youth, consider the profound and illuminating words of Dr. Bob Steele who reminds us that drawing is “language in its own right and, when children practice it daily, it is almost as natural to them as speaking. It contributes to intellectual development and emotional health at a time when children are still struggling to learn the codes of literacy. . . Drawing-as-language withers on the vine without readily available materials and the ongoing interest and motivation of caring adults.” Please do not shortchange one mode of expression in an expedited quest for another. Welcome, utilize, and celebrate all!

Although Kwil is passionate about print and sharing words of wisdom, wonder and wellness in rhythm, rhyme and chime to make them accessible and memorable, he is infinitely fascinated by the mythical and metaphorical significance of symbols as expressed so well by such luminaries as Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. Kwil revels in the rising popularity of informational graphics and visual literacy to convey complex understanding with ease, efficiency, and the most ‘meaning-full memorability’ as he refers to it. Indeed, as Michael Michalko writes, “When Einstein thought through a problem, he always found it necessary to formulate his subject in as many different ways as possible, including diagrammatically. He had a very visual mind. . . In fact, he believed that words and numbers, as they are written or spoken, did not play a significant role in his thinking process.”

So, seriously. . . what to do? Where do I go from here?

Seriously?! It’s so simple and so ‘old fashioned’ that you may feel a little shy, awkward, or embarrassed. That’s okay! It’s simple. The latest information about how and where to send your’ Snailmail Scribbles & Scribes’ can be found down below.

Remember: The single, solitary most important and ‘a-musing’ thing to do is: “Keep your pencil moving and your keyboard tapping!” (You’ll be glad you did).

NOTE: Please send along a postcard-sized self-addressed Canada Post-stamped envelope OR a donation to cover the cost of stationery and postage if possible. Although very much a labour of frizzy-fuzzy, green-nosed love, please note that this service is always subject to time and resources available. With kwillions of reply letters sent throughout the decades, Kwil does his very best to honour the kwilicious spirit of creativity and connection. If you would like to make a donation to support this project, please click here for PayPal or click here for Visa/MC

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Creating and connecting with Kwil is exclusively for educational engagement and enjoyment. Kwil promotes the JOY of literacy, creativity and social-emotional learning. While expressive writing and having a dialogue with Kwil may have inspirational, educational, creative, or other benefits, it cannot take the place of professional advice or services provided by a teacher, counsellor, medical doctor, life coach, or educational consultant. Please also see the Love, Light & Limitations section below for enhanced awareness and understanding.


Snailmail Scribbles & Scribes

When sending your letters, notes and drawings to Kwil, please include a self-addressed Canadian-stamped envelope and/or make a donation using the button below.

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Your help in providing joyful literacy, creativity, and social-emotional learning experiences for children (and ‘inner children’ of all ages) is always appreciated.

Although a labour of love for more than two decades, Kwil’s rhyming replies are subject to time and resources available.

Wisdom, Wonder & Wellness

To enjoy Kwil’s words of wisdom, wonder, and wellness in his trademark rhythm, rhyme, and chime, do not hesitate to sign up for Kwil.Club.

You will receive a series of introductory Kwil.Club messages and inspirational updates as long as long as you are a member.

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When you join Kwil.Club, you embark on a mystical, magical adventure with whimsical words of wisdom, wonder and wellness penned by frizzy-fuzzy, green-nosed Kwil. You seek out and share those wonder-filled inner treasures that define and enrich each one of us.

While some think of Kwil as an educational mascot who champions literacy, creativity and social-emotional learning, his most devoted family, friends and fans know that Kwil is so much more.

For them, Kwil is “realer than real” and “something you feel.” Kwil creates and connects  in the most passionate, purposeful and poetic way. More than many literacy, creativity and social-emotional programs, Kwil creates the all-important will to learn and practice life’s skills.

Kwil is  a giggly, googly-eyed poet and pen pal. He lifts literacy, creativity and social-emotional learning concepts off the page into the minds, hearts, and mailboxes of those who create and connect with him. “From age 4 to 94 and whole lot more!” says Kwil. “EVERYONE is welcome to join Kwil.Club!”

As a global cheerleader for wisdom, wonder, and wellness, Kwil and everyone at Kwil.Club champion literacy, creativity, and social-emotional learning which usually starts off as a family affair and spans all the decades of human life. There are no age limits on the love of literacy, creativity, and social-emotional learning! We are ALL always learning.

Kwil believes that when it comes to wisdom, wonder, and wellness, we don’t have a Kwillisecond to wait! And, as his best friend “Mean Old Mr. Marquis” says, “When it comes to education,  our intention and  our engagement are everything! We must be active models and participants in anything we wish to teach.”

Frizzy-Fuzzy Fun Facts


Kwil knows that we are all ‘perfectly imperfect’ exactly as we are and that embracing our uniqueness is the key to wisdom, wonder and wellness. He also knows that we are easily influenced as ‘creatures of habit’ with repeated thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and beliefs that have a big impact upon the quality of our lives.
It is only when we reflect upon experience, expand awareness, and deepen understanding that we may let go of some habits and embrace other happier, healthier ones over time.
As the great psychologist Carl Jung reminds us, “The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.” He also says, “To be ‘normal’ is the ideal of the unsuccessful.’ While we may be inspired by others and even playfully compete in some endeavors, it is so important to be the happiest, healthiest version of ourselves!


As Kwil suggests, “Go slowly, ‘thought-fully,’ and always, always remember to ‘row, row, row your boat GENTLY down life’s stream. . . . merrily, merrily, merrily life IS but a dream!'”

Just BE who YOU are

And DO what YOU do

Then all of life’s treasures

Will come to you!

In fact, they’re INSIDE you!


Love, Light & Limitations
Kwil.Club is a labour of love. Kwil hopes that by sharing our words of wisdom, wonder and wellness, all members will have the opportunity to reflect upon their own lives with a gentle, affirming sense of humour and heartstrings. He would be thrilled to ignite a sense of passion and purpose–a feeling in the heart and a sparkle in the eye that lights up the world one mind, heart and soul at a time.
PLEASE NOTE: All information and opinions shared via the Kwil.Club website, newsletters, books, cards and replies are for information, education and entertainment purposes only. Nothing can replace the professional services of a qualified doctor, psychologist, counsellor, coach,  tutor, . . . or the love and care of devoted family and friends. Never forget that you are resilient and that people love to listen, care, share and support to the best of their ability. Give them that chance. We are all in this “human bean” thing together! Asking for and giving help in respectful and loving makes us stronger. Believing is seeing! Believe! PinterestEmail
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